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”Safety First Friendship Always”

So, do you think you would like to join us?

Whether you live permanently on the road as a nomad or appreciate the comforts of suburban living, whether you escape in a tent or enjoy five-star hotels, whether you work for a living or are already enjoying retirement, if you are interested in HF radio then we are the club for you.

You may wander the less-traveled areas of our beautiful country in a four-wheel drive or explore the tarmac in a converted bus, you may prefer our beautiful coastline or the red centre dirt, you may like to travel alone or to surround yourself with family. You may even stay permanently in one area and fancy the opportunity to reach out to someone with similar interests. We run twice-daily skeds so members may log their current position, pass or receive messages, share information or simply hear a friendly voice. If you want reliable communication with friendly people then you want to join the HF Radio Club.

At a more pragmatic level, we are known as the friendly club, we are all equal members and our committee consists of approachable volunteers. We welcome those people who want to learn about HF radio as much as we embrace those with technical knowledge.

Our membership is our backbone, the core reality of our Club. A regular newsletter is available to download for the members of our club or may be posted if preferred. We share regular get-togethers around the country which are great fun. We have a constitution which guides us generally and by-laws which are more specific about the day-to-day running of the Club. No member of this Club is paid for services, any use of members' funds is taken very seriously. All meetings are minuted and the reports are shared with all members.

If this sounds like the Club you want to join, to be welcomed and appreciated as a member, to learn or to share your knowledge, to make friends and to enjoy a lifestyle which includes HF radio, then we want you too. Download the attached PDF .

”Safety First Friendship Always”