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The HF Radio Club Inc.

Our motto: Safety First and Friendship Always


The HF Radio Club (HFRC) is an Australia wide non-profit organisation supplying HF Radio based communications services to its members. The club has nine HF frequencies and four strategically placed Bases in Queensland, New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

HFRC members are from all states and Territories across Australia. Radios are in motor homes, caravans, cars and 4WDs. 

There is no better guarantee of safety if you need help, day or night.

The Club provides 24/7 HF Radio access, through its bases, to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

We have daily scheduled chat times (skeds) for our members on the East coast, the centre of Australia and in Western Australia.

Any member can radio call another member’s radio outside of sked times.

For a small additional annual fee, the HFRC “Travellers Package” (TP) allows members to make HF Radio connected phone calls to family and friends in Australia when there is no phone service available. 

Travellers pack members are also able to show their family exactly where they are by sending in GPS co-ordinates from their HF radio through one of our bases. The position is automatically and securely sent to up to three pre-nominated email addresses and delivered as co-ordinates which can then be brought up in google maps to show their exact location.

These three Email addresses can also be used to receive short emails sent direct from your HF radio. 

TP Members can also send short text messages from their radio to any SMS equipped phone in Australia.  

The HF Radio Club is unique in Australia by implementing CALM/ALE allowing suitably equipped member’s radios to automatically determine what frequency and base will be best at any time of the day.

Our club has get-togethers to provide opportunities for making and renewing friendships, for technical advice, radio tuition, equipment installation advice and allowing members to put a face to “the voice”.

Our club has a democratically elected committee and works to the principles and requirements of NSW Fair Trading with respect to but not limited to elections and monetary reporting. We have a very thorough Constitution and set off By-laws. Our financials are fully available to all members. There are regular fully minuted committee meetings available for reading by all members on our website. Our club has an expert Technical Support Group to assist and guide us in our endeavours, plus an Audit and Compliance sub-committee. We use an Accountant to prepare an EOFY Statement. Regular member’s newsletters with “what’s happening and what’s planned information” ensure all members know what the HFRC is doing. Members are invited to share their knowledge and experiences through our newsletter.

We have valuable contacts with equipment suppliers and members are able to advertise their equipment for sale on the Club Website at no cost to the member. 

We are a friendly and open club wanting to communicate, make new friends and help where we can.

Why don’t you enquire about joining us?