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Submitted by Barry Smith on Fri, 09/12/2016 - 2:05pm

About the HF Radio Club Inc.

”Safety First Friendship Always”


The HF Radio Club is a non-profit organisation supplying HF Radio communications services to all its members. The club has nine frequencies ranging through 3MHz and 16MHz and Four strategically placed Bases in Queensland, Central New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Members are from every state of Australia, in motor homes, caravans, 4WDs, on stations and farms or are just radio buffs who enjoy talking to other Members. 

Many members are on the road constantly, so you can exchange greetings and news as you enjoy your own travels around Australia.

There is no better guarantee of safety if you need help, day or night.

The Club provides 24/7 HF Radio access, through its bases, to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

There are scheduled chat times (skeds) for our members. You can call up individual members, using the selective calling facility (Selcall), outside sked times.

The “Travellers Package” allows you to keep in contact with family and friends when local Telephone services are unavailable.  You are also able to show your family exactly where you are by sending your GPS position through one of our bases around Australia which once up to 3 emails have been nominated by you, your GPS position will be Emailed securely to your Family and or Friends. These same Email addresses can also be used with our New unique and exclusive HFRC HF message to Email service, send family and friends short messages by Email direct from your HF radio anywhere in Australia.
All this on top of our HF Message to Mobile SMS service, HF telephone interconnect calls and the RFDS Direct Dial service.

HF Radio Club get togethers in each state provide opportunities for renewing friendships, for technical advice, radio usage (including for the ladies), equipment installation advice as well as meeting new friends and putting a face to “the voice”.

We are a friendly club just wanting to communicate and make new friends.

Our motto:

”Safety First Friendship Always”

Why don’t you join us?