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HFRC Red Button Priority Calling is here

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Submitted by Jacquilyn Deering on Thu, 14/10/2021 - 2:33pm

HFRC Red Button Priority Calling is here!


Yes thats right the HFRC has another option for Urgent, Priority and emergency calling, with Priority calling on the Red Button anyone can initiate a call for HELP whether they are Radio savvy or not and the call is handled completely in house, no apps, or no third parties involved. Pressing the Red Button for 3 seconds is all that's needed!

The Radio does the rest making a special chain call to our bases and should go back to scan after the call is completed to await the Priority Team members voice call

If it does not go back to scan it will stop on channel 56, Press the scan button to go back to scan.

Our Team members will try Channel 56 if they cannot make contact on the Channel indicated in the SMS

A Priority Call made via the Red Button used the HFRC SmartServer©  which initiates an SMS message with all the details and sends it to our Priority call team. When they receive the SMS they log onto the base shown in the message , change to the correct channel, also shown in the message, and establish a radio voice connection with the caller .

HELP within a minutes of making the call!

From there the Priority Team member can get the details and take whatever action is required, and there are other Priority Team members "on the side" on other bases waiting should they be needed.


This Service will be launched at our ONLINE General Meeting in 8 days.


Please note, for medical emergencies there is still the option of making a phone call to the RFDS using our speed dial 06,or the RFDS Direct dial selcall for any base.